Plumbing Services in Rochester, MN

Residential plumbing is complex and can include everything from pipes and fixtures to drainage pumps, so it takes experts to install, maintain, and repair systems. The McNallan Heating and Plumbing LLC, staff has the training and equipment to provide solutions to all of Rochester homeowners’ plumbing problems.

Our certified, experienced technicians offer plumbing installation and repair services for a wide range of needs. We provide upfront pricing, and all work is guaranteed to meet the highest standards.

Plumbing Installation 

Rochester homeowners can rely on our technicians for all of their plumbing installation needs. We provide solutions for clients who are upgrading kitchens and bathrooms and those who are building new homes.

Our kitchen and bath specialists will provide solutions during renovation projects. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling relies heavily on plumbing, and our technicians ensure that every plumbing feature in finished spaces is elegantly finished and working perfectly. Per Handyman Tips, professional plumbers are also aware of regulations and ensure that installations are up to code.

Our experts consult with clients to determine the best layouts, pipes, and fixtures for their goals. Professionals quickly and efficiently install dishwashers, sinks, bathtubs, showers, and much more.

Plumbing Repairs 

We know that a plumbing problem can bring a Rochester home to a standstill, so McNallan technicians provide fast professional repairs. Whether clients call a Plumbing Contractor to stop a leaking faucet or repair a burst pipe that has flooded the house, our specialists can help.

Many homeowners either find instructions and try to fix their own plumbing, but DIY projects can often make matters worse. Ignoring minor issues is also not an option since they usually get more serious over time, making a simple problem more complicated and expensive to repair. According to experts at House Pict, professionals can detect problems such as home leaks, which may occur anywhere.

Our team arrives in fully stocked trucks, so they have the tools and parts to make most repairs immediately. Some of the many repair projects we take on include:

    • Fixing running toilets
    • Repairing or replacing leaking faucets
    • Clearing and cleaning drains
    • Replacing a broken garbage disposal
    • Replacing a bathtub

Water Heater Services

Our team also provides Rochester homeowners with expert water heater installation and replacement. Company plumbers can help clients upgrade from a poorly functioning heater to an energy-efficient model that helps them save water and money.

We understand that, when a water heater stops working, customers need a fast solution. With that in mind, our technicians strive to quickly provide the right replacement for any need. They work with every type of heater and ensure each one is efficiently and correctly installed. We offer both gas and electric water heater repairs.

Sump Pump Services 

Rochester homes often have basements that are prone to flooding, so owners must install sump pumps that control moisture. They are also valuable tools in areas that are prone to flooding.

We specialize in sump pump installation. Technicians will install a pump in a location that gives homeowners easy access for repairs and maintenance. We can provide the best type of pump to eliminate the problem of water pooling and to remove floodwater.

As part of our Plumbing Services, we ensure a new pump is a right size for your needs. Our technicians consider several essential details in the process. For example, they take critical measurements before ordering a pump so that, once it is installed, it can handle the job. Once installation is complete, a pump will eliminate dampness and help prevent moisture damage.

It is important to have a broken pump fixed as soon as possible because excess moisture and standing water will soon lead to mold growth and quickly damage structural materials. Our technicians can repair or upgrade all types of sump pumps.

Pipe Thawing Services 

Anyone who has lived in Rochester for very long knows that the region’s freezing winters take a toll on home pipes. The average January temperature is eight degrees, well below the 32 degrees it takes for water in pipes to freeze.  The ice in pipes can cause pipes to expand and crack, which may cause the pipe to burst.

Homeowners attempting to thaw pipes often leads to severe problems. Some use an open flame, or even blowtorch, creating a disaster.  However, our plumbers can safely thaw pipes without causing damage or harming anyone.

We have the equipment to thaw pipes without creating a flood, a common issue with DIY projects. Technicians know that sometimes the issue is a drain and not a pipe, and it’s essential for water to have somewhere to go once the ice melts. Our specialists evaluate each situation, determine the best solution, and safely get water running again.

When you need fast, efficient help with household plumbing in Rochester, Minnesota, contact McNallan Plumbing and Heating LLC. Our experienced technicians are experts in household plumbing, bath and kitchen renovations, hot water services, sump pump installation, and pipe thawing. Call today and let us provide solutions to all your plumbing needs.