Repiping Services in Kellogg, MN

Both new and older homes can suffer from plumbing issues related to pipe deterioration or improper placement. Repair work can sometimes create a temporary solution but never resolve the overall problem. The process of repiping removes aged, troublesome pipes and replaces them with non-corrosive versions that allow water to flow smoothly and efficiently throughout the house. Homeowners dealing with constant plumbing problems should look into this service to help eliminate their plumbing frustrations and lower the water and sewage bills.

A Trustworthy Team of Experienced Plumbers

For the past six years, McNallan Plumbing & Heating has provided the residents of Kellogg, MN with expert plumbing and heating services. Their team of technicians is certified in the most up-to-date plumbing practices and thoroughly screened to help create a safe and trustworthy workforce. The company provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every project, returning to make corrective actions at no additional cost if the customer is dissatisfied or experiences mechanical difficulties.

Home Renovations Call For Certified Plumbing Professionals

The recent pandemic inspired a home remodeling trend that often involved updating kitchens and bathrooms. When major renovations like this occur, homeowners need an experienced team of plumbers to repipe the areas to ensure that drains and water lines flow smoothly upon completion. This can also involve running new lines to accommodate additional appliances or bathroom fixtures. McNallan Plumbing and Heating are readily available to assist with these projects, employing years of repiping experience to guarantee that projects are completed as efficiently as possible.

The Life Span of Steel Piping is Questionable

Residents of older homes can run across pressure issues regularly due to the use of galvanized steel piping in the original build. The steel pipes corrode with age, resulting in rust that gathers in pipe elbows and directly affects the flow of the water. Corrosion can also create leaks that require the replacement of pipe sections. Homeowners dealing with these issues will benefit considerably from the repiping services in Kellogg, MN, which eliminate the old steel and replace it with corrosion-resistant PVC or PEX.

Working to Reduce Plumbing Anxiety

The thought of having a home repiped can cause unwanted stress in a lot of homeowners. The team at McNallan is determined to make the project as seamless as possible. The process starts with representative surveying the home to determine what work is required and mapping out a revised or entirely new piping route. Homeowners will then receive a free quote that includes the cost of materials, labor, and a timeline for the project. The client can then discuss any modifications to help ensure that the entire project fits perfectly within their established budget.

Creating a Safe and Sanitary Plumbing Environment

When the project begins, the plumbers will shut off the water at the incoming source and remove the old piping in the cleanest fashion possible. Every effort is employed to ensure that water damage stays at an extreme minimum while any sullied surfaces receive a thorough cleaning. The team will also haul away all of the old piping from the residence at no additional cost. Once the new piping is in place, an inspection of the system helps verify that no leaks exist and water pressure has returned to capacity.

Water Heater Replacement Isn’t Simple

Professional plumbing services in Kellogg, MN commonly include the repair and installation of residential water heaters. Many homeowners think they can replace a water heater but quickly discover that it is more involved than they bargained for. McNallan’s team has the experience to quickly assess a malfunctioning unit to determine if repairs are warranted or if the tank requires replacement.

Get the Most From a Water Heating System

When a replacement water heater is required, the technician verifies the household water needs to determine which model is the most efficient fit. They will also consult with the customer on what type of power source is preferred. This is the perfect opportunity to transition from gas to electric or vice versa if the homeowner has previously taken it under consideration. Once the new water heater is in place, the technician will drain and haul away the old unit free of charge.

Emergency Service is Readily Available

Plumbing and heating-related issues tend to arise at the most inconvenient times. Fortunately, the residents of Kellogg, MN can depend on McNallan Plumbing and Heating for year-round 24 repair service. Whether it’s the middle of the night, a holiday, or over the weekend, a staff member is always available to quickly respond to an emergency.