AC Tune-Up Services in Kellogg, MN

Homeowners must schedule routine maintenance for their AC systems before the start of summer. A licensed HVAC professional must complete all maintenance services for the owner as directed by the product warranty. The services must be completed before the owner turns on the system for the first time of the season.

HVAC professionals understand the maintenance requirements for all air conditioning systems. They can review the warranty for the specific AC model and complete the tasks property. They will ensure that the system is working as expected all throughout the season.

Seasonal Cleaning Services

An HVAC contractor will set up seasonal cleaning services for the air conditioning unit. The service providers open up the entire unit and remove all the dirt, dust, and debris inside it. They will ensure that all components are cleaned properly, and there is no debris that could cause a blockage inside the unit. They will use appropriate chemical cleansers to remove the debris and ensure that all allergens, contaminants, and pollutants are removed.

Testing the Thermostat

The thermostat can determine if the property owner is getting the right energy efficiency. If the thermostat is engaging the system too frequently, it could drive up energy costs. A draft or direct sunlight on the thermostat could increase frequent cycling and cause issues within the AC system. It causes premature wear on the unit and its components. A faulty thermostat could also be the culprit for frequent cycling.

Proper Lubrication for the Moving Parts

The system manufacturer outlines all routine maintenance services for AC systems. The HVAC providers must follow these instructions as directed to maintain the units including lubricating all moving parts. If they do not perform the services correctly, it voids the warranty. Property owners must set up AC tune-ups according to the maintenance requirements and ensure they operate as expected. If they do not maintain their systems, the property owner will lose all coverage under the warranty including replacing a faulty system.

Changing the Air Filters

The air filters trap debris that is circulating through the unit. The property owner needs to clean or change out the air filters at least once a month. When performing maintenance services, the technicians will replace the air filters and improve airflow through the units.

If there is a higher dust content in the property, the HVAC professionals may recommend installing an air cleaner. The products pull dirt and debris from the air circulating in the home. This includes any foul odors coming from the kitchen or other areas in the home.

Testing Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant levels must be maintained to produce cool air. If the levels are too low, the unit will not keep the property at a comfortable temperature during the summer. The technicians will review the levels with gauges and recharge the air conditioning unit as needed. If there is a refrigerant leak, they will complete steps to repair it and prevent the gas from leaking.

Do You Need to Replace the Unit?

If the AC isn’t working as expected, the contractors will determine if the system is too old for repairs. AC systems last around 15 years. After which, they must be replaced to provide adequate cool air for the home.

Where to Get AC Services

McNallan Plumbing and Heating provides dedicated heating, cooling, and plumbing services for all property owners in their service area. The service providers complete inspections, repairs, routine maintenance, and new installations for all heating, cooling, and plumbing systems. The company has an extensive history of performing high-quality services, and they guarantee all their services. Property owners can learn more about AC tune-up services in Kellogg, MN by contacting the service provider for an appointment now.

Property owners must complete routine maintenance for their AC systems every year. The services start with a complete inspection of the whole unit. The technicians complete seasonal cleaning services for the AC to remove all debris, dust, and allergens from the systems. They will also replace the air filters and ensure that the owner is using the correct air filters for their unit.

HVAC providers provide proper lubrication for all moving parts to prevent grinding. They test the refrigerant levels and ensure that they are appropriate for the system. The technicians test for leaks and ensure that refrigerants are not leaking out of the unit.

The service providers will test the thermostat and determine if it is faulty. If it is not working properly, they will replace the thermostat with a new model to ensure proper cycling.